Safeguard Advertising Offer for HASANZ Registered Professionals

Safeguard magazine is offering a special deal to HASANZ Registered Professionals on advertising. Now, when HASANZ Registered Professionals buy an advertising slot in two successive editions they will get a slot in the next edition for free! This is exclusive to those listed on the HASANZ Register. 

There are a number of reasons to take advantage of this offer:

  • Advertising in Safeguard raises your credibility in a competitive market.
  • Advertising in Safeguard exposes you to an array of potential clients across all industry sectors, nationwide.
  • Advertising in multiple editions of Safeguard magazine helps to imprint your name and value proposition on our readers.
  • When a potential client enters a search into the HASANZ Register and looks at the results, your name will stand out.

For more information including pricing, advertising options please see here. For contact details see below.

Please contact Henry Kosima at Safeguard.
M +64 27 591 7127