Collaboration trumps competition

With the success of the first HASANZ Conference behind us, our focus is on two key goals:
  1. Growing the capability of the workplace health and safety sector.
  2. Ensuring the sustainability of HASANZ as an organisation.
Achieving them requires us to work together as part of a broader, multidisciplinary professionals' network, influencing and shaping health and safety performance.

Increasingly, collaboration will trump competition. Clients will be looking for health and safety professionals with both the technical skills and soft skills they can work with and well-networked people who can draw on other experience as required. The HASANZ Register is a tool that will assist both businesses and professionals in their search.

You need to be visible to be found!If you intend to be on the HASANZ Register, I strongly encourage you to start getting ready now for when it opens for listings in May. Check out the FAQs on our Register webpage and go through the checklist of what you need to do now. Remember to sign up for HASANZ Register updates!

I'm confident that we are creating a Register that meets the needs of business, that accurately reflects the competence and interests of professionals and that lifts health and safety performance.

Craig Smith
HASANZ Independent Chair