Safety in numbers

Over time, HASANZ will provide businesswith easier access to quality health and safety advice. We’ve started the ball rolling with a brief description of eachmember organisation, focusing on how they assist business.The bottom line is we’re all about increasingworkplace health and safety – in numbers. HASANZ consists of ten foundingmember organisations and each adds value in their own way – our strength comesfrom our collective might and collaboration.

We have also taken the first steps towards establishinga national, online register of competent workplace health and safetyprofessionals. A business analyst is working with HASANZ to scope the design ofthe register, with business needs clearly in mind.

Building the professionalism of theworkplace health and safety sector is essential to having a stronger voice andbetter representation in business circles. I sometimes hear from business leadersthat the health and safety person keeps telling us what managers can’tdo, not what we can be done to make the business thrive. I believe thatincreasing leadership skills in the sector will deliver a more confident healthand safety message to business and see more workplace health and safetyprofessionals take their place at “the top table”. The future looks very goodif the sector can rise to this culture change and leadership challenge.

With a view to shaping the future, I alsourge you to have your say on the draftregulations supporting the new Workplace Health and Safety Act – out now!