What's holding you back?

The HASANZ Register opens for business on 27 July. This marks an important milestone in lifting professional standards across the health and safety sector. My view is that, as a business owner or chief executive, I would expect to be able to engage a workplace health and safety professional, in the same way that I would engage a lawyer, accountant or engineer for their expertise. Increasingly, people will be looking for the HASANZ Registered quality mark on credentials. The HASANZ Register will enable businesses to find health and safety professionals to identify risks with clarity and help mitigate and address those risks.

The emergence of the  HASANZ Register has generated useful discussion where people with years of experience but no qualifications fit in. This is a healthy conversation to have. There are a lot of health and safety participants in the market who are technical experts and not everyone will become a professional. However, there is a pathway available to gain the required level 6 qualification and join a HASANZ Member association if they choose to do so.

Listing on the HASANZ Register is not just about getting work, although that is a powerful benefit. I urge you to get on the HASANZ Register so you stand among your peers as a recognised, qualified professional in the workplace health and safety sector.  What’s holding you back?

Mike O’Brien

HASANZ Independent Chair