A new year of action!

2015 is shaping up as a year of great steps forward for HASANZ.

We have kicked off the year with each of our four work groups busily progressing key initiatives to build HASANZ into an effective, relevant organisation for workplace health and safety professionals and the people who use their services.

Our "Plan on a Page" neatly summarises what we want to achieve this year.

In brief, we are:

  • Building the organisation to be sustainable long-term
  • Building the professionalism of the workplace health and safety sector
  • Building business confidence in the competence of health and safety professions
  • Building HASANZ's reputation as an expert advisor with government.

With members of our Leadership Team I have been focusing on meeting business and industry leaders to find out how HASANZ can best meet their needs – it's critical that we know the challenges they face in the health and safety space. This includes a workshop with the Occupational Health Advisory Group (OHAG). We're also talking to Business NZ. If you'd like to talk to us, please email Karen Chaney, our Implementation Support Manager, at karen.chaney@worksafe.govt.nz

Shenagh Gleisner