HASANZ's triple star

This is an exciting time for HASANZ as we see three star projects come to fruition.

The HASANZ Register opens for business on 27 July.  Its launch is the culmination of a huge effort by our member associations who have worked collectively to develop robust registration standards that everyone who lists on the Register must meet. Increasingly, businesses will look for the HASANZ Registered quality mark when choosing a qualified health and safety adviser to meet their needs. Our thanks go to ACC and WorkSafe for the funding that made the Register a reality.

We’ve finalised a strategic partnership with ACC that will see us working together to help address work-related harm in New Zealand, starting with a programme to reduce the incidence and impact of musculoskeletal injuries. HASANZ is happy to partner with ACC and bring specialist knowledge from our member associations to this project. Together, we can make a real difference!

HASANZ CONFERENCE 2018 is about to a make a stellar appearance on 5 to 7 September. The outstanding programme offers 7 keynote speakers and a choice of 24 presentations to suit varied interests. Registration includes two masterclasses with global experts on Safety II and workplace mental health, Dr John Green and Geoff McDonald. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to register now as our first conference sold out.

I’m proud to lead HASANZ as we play a growing role in improving workplace health and safety in New Zealand.

Philip Aldridge

HASANZ Executive Director