And there's more!

This year HASANZ is gearing up for another Year of Delivery (with apologies to the PM for any perceived plagiarism), following last year’s roll out of the HASANZ Register, the HASANZ Scholarship Programme and HASANZ CONFERENCE 2018. There’s more to come!  We will continue building the value of the HASANZ Register and the Scholarship Programme and we’ll also help increase the capacity and capability of New Zealand’s health and safety workforce by:

  • growing career pathways
  • building education provision
  • educating the market.

Wherever possible, we will leverage government health and safety initiatives to achieve this. We’re seeking more depth to our programmes and more partnerships to realise our goal of raising professional standards across the workplace health and safety sector.

Our firm focus is on delivering value for our members and that means making health and safety front and centre for businesses.

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Philip Aldridge

HASANZ Executive Director