Choosing a competent advisor

Raising the standard of workplace health and safety goeshand in hand with creating demand for competent, qualified health and safetyadvisors.

Right now it may not be possible for every small business toconfidently obtain the services of a good workplace health and safetyprofessional. And they may well ask “where do I start”?

That’s where HASANZ’s 5Quick Questions come in – we’ve developed this checklist to help businessesscreen prospective advisors and see if they are right for the job.

Next year we’ll provide easy access to competent workplacehealth and safety professionals when our national register goes online.HASANZ’s leadership team recently discussed what success looks like for theregister. We agreed success means people want to be on it, businesses want touse it, and it’s easy to use and delivers relevant results for businesses.

In the meantime, “5 Quick Questions” will assist businessesby putting them on the right track.We’ve also produced another resource to partner “5 Quick Questions”called Choosinga Workplace Health and Safety Advisor – I encourage you to take a look atboth and share them with your colleagues.

Business demand for higher professional standards will helpgenerate a positive behaviour change in the sector. It will see health andsafety advisors stepping up to the quality mark upheld by HASANZ by joining oneof our member associations and enhancing their training and the quality oftheir practice, in order to get work.

With HASANZ, let’s commit to building business confidence inthe professionalism of the workplace health and safety sector.