Fair sailing for HASANZ

The HASANZ boat was successfully launched in September 2014 and building the boat as we sail has been a challenging and exciting experience! At HASANZ's first AGM in May, it was very satisfying for me as Establishment Chair to formally record our many achievements in just nine months of voyaging.

We have developed our approach to membership, we are well on the way to designing a register for competent health and safety professionals to go-live next year, we have made a submission to government on the draft regulations for the Health and Safety at Work Act, produced handy resources to help businesses choose reliable, qualified health and safety advisors, and we are building good working relationships with business and industry partners and an increasingly strong profile. HASANZ is also an active member of the Skills Organisation's TROQ steering group, ensuring a strong voice for workplace health and safety professions.

In large part, these achievements reflect on the dedicated efforts of a tight-knit crew – our voluntary Leadership Team – now known as the HASANZ Managing Committee. The members of this hardworking team represent HASANZ's 10 founding member associations and I thank them most sincerely for their efforts. I also thank WorkSafe NZ and MBIE for their critical support and our very slim and highly effective secretariat.

Looking ahead, I see securing sustainable and diversified funding for HASANZ, and lifting the leadership capability of the workforce health and safety professionals as priorities.

I have enjoyed having my hand on the tiller, steering HASANZ on a steady course in her first year. It is now time to hand over to someone with different skills. We have a strong vision for the future, working with many partners contributing to sustained system change so that New Zealanders come home healthy and safe.

It's fast forward from here for HASANZ and I wish the very best to all who sail in her.

Shenagh Gleisner