Showcasing the value of our professions

Why use a health and safety professional? What kind of adviser do I need? This year HASANZ is focused on answering these common questions from business owners. We’re actively showcasing the value of our professions; raising awareness among businesses of the specialist capabilities across all of the disciplines that make up HASANZ so there is better understanding of “who we are and what we do”. To assist this, HASANZ has commissioned market research in March to help measure the level of business leaders’ awareness of the different health and safety disciplines. The findings will provide a baseline of current market perceptions. In addition to promoting the value of working with qualified and competent health and safety professionals, we’re also encouraging our members to learn more about each other’s complementary skills and recognise when a multi-disciplinary approach is called for.

Build your business networks and expand your workplace health and safety knowledge at HASANZ CONFERENCE 2021. Registration and the call for papers are open now.

Philip Aldridge
HASANZ Executive Director