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September 21, 2016

Building a community of practice

A key aim of was HASANZ CONFERENCE 2016 was to start building a national community of practice for health and safety professionals. I think we've made a really good beginning and the fantastic feedback we've received reflects that. More than 400 people attended the confer...
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It's our time!

July 25, 2016
HASANZ CONFERENCE 2016 is looming large and registrations are streaming in. For me, this is much more than an event – it's a milestone in building a community of practice among workplace health and safety professionals in New Zealand. The conference will be a buzzing mar...
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It's professional development time! The programme for HASANZ CONFERENCE 2016 is out now and promises to be an outstanding opportunity for you to upskill and increase your knowledge as our new workplace health and safety regime demands. You will leave the conference more in...
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