APHIRM WORKSHOP – Tuesday 31 August


Highly interactive workshop to provide participants with skills to implement APHIRM (A Participative Hazard Identification and Risk Management) Toolkit to address psychosocial & physical hazards.

Participants will develop an action plan for the implementation of APHIRM Toolkit in their workplace.

Tuesday 31st August 2021, 9am – 4pm
Venue TBC, Wellington, New Zealand 

Please note - places are limited

For more info:
Book at: La Trobe University (

Massey University of New Zealand - Healthy Work Group Research Project​

New Zealand Workplace Barometer (NZWB) 2021

The New Zealand Workplace Barometer (NZWB), which is a survey designed to examine the causes and impacts of psychosocial hazards on important health and organisational outcomes. It was developed in collaboration with a WHO Collaborating Centre, tested in 2018 through a preliminary study and run again in 2019 & 2020. Last year 21 organisations and over 1400 respondents participated in the survey.

Massey University plan to run the survey during September and October this year.  Please take a look at some of the recruitment information as well as the report summarising results from all 2020 participants if you are interested in participating in this survey.

The 2020 New Zealand Workplace Barometer Report
Recruitment information for organisations NZWB 2021

If your organisation would like to participate, please contact Liz Ashby.

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