About the HASANZ Register

The HASANZ Register is a national, online register of verified workplace health and safety professionals. It is a one stop shop for businesses to find reliable, quality health and safety advice and services. They can search for free to find providers who offer services across the whole sector.
The HASANZ Register was established in 2018 with funding provided by ACC and WorkSafe New Zealand. It is managed by the Health and Safety Association of New Zealand (HASANZ).

Find a health and safety adviser

The HASANZ Register is here to support your business. You can find a workplace health and safety adviser by visiting the HASANZ Register. The Register will guide you through selecting the right person who matches your requirements.
If you need help with your search there are resources to help you, otherwise the HASANZ Register can support you with advanced search or guided search tools.

Understanding the professions within the Health and Safety sector

There are varied disciplines that together make up New Zealand's health and safety workforce. Each discipline has its own unique expertise, and to help guide you we’ve provided a summary below of the areas covered by our professional member associations.

Health and safety generalists

Provide general health and safety advice, planning and risk management across a worksite or organisation. Similar to a GP, they have a broad range of knowledge.

Hazardous substances professionals

Specialise in the management of safety risks from explosive, flammable, toxic or corrosive substances being manufactured, used, stored, transported or disposed of at work.

Occupational hygienists

Specialise in identifying, evaluating and controlling risks to worker health from physical, chemical and biological hazards.

Occupational health nurses

 Provide advice and services to help manage the relationship between work and health, including the effects of both work on health and health on work.

Human factors/ergonomics (HFE) professionals

Provide systems-level analysis and advice about the design of work equipment, environments, and processes to support healthy and productive work.

Occupational health physiotherapists

Work to prevent or treat injuries suffered at work and help affected people return to or stay at work.

Occupational therapists

Support personal health and well being through meaningful activity: in the work context, this means helping people affected by physical or mental health issues to return to or stay at work.