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Abstracts are invited for oral presentation from Health & Safety practitioners and people with an interest in mental wellbeing at work. More information

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On 22 and 23 September 2022 WorkSafe will host a conference in Wellington for Health & Safety Practitioners and people with an interest in mental wellbeing at work. There is no charge to attend this conference. Attendees are responsible for any associated travel & accommodatoin costs. 

Places are strictly limited.

In the event of any COVID-19 Government restrictions which may impact the conference dates an update will be posted on this page and emailed to all who are registered to attend.


Please accept our invitation to attend our Mentally Healthy Work in Aotearoa New Zealand conference to be held at The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa Wellington on Thursday 22 & Friday 23 September 2022.

There is an increasing focus on the importance of mentally healthy work. This is partially in response to covid and the need for people to be supported to work differently in challenging times. There has also been increasing public interest and scrutiny when workers experience psychosocial harm whether through bullying or harassment, the effects of high workplace stress, poorly managed organizational change, etc. Mentally healthy work and worker wellbeing is a right for all, and an obligation for employers. Despite this it is still poorly defined and understood, and there are few guidelines about how to achieve and maintain good mental health through work.

We invite you to join us at our Mentally Healthy Work in Aotearoa New Zealand national conference to meet New Zealand’s key thought/practice leaders, listen to inspiring keynote and sessional speakers, and engage with our Expert Panels. The primary themes running through the conference are:

  • Effective leadership: Who leads and how
  • Building a positive workplace culture
  • Innovations in thinking and practice
  • Difficult issues and how to solve them

To create and support mentally healthy workplaces we will need a different mindset from the traditional approach to health and safety. Challenges to mental health and wellbeing at work are dynamic and personal, often requiring innovative, flexible and personalized solutions. This conference focuses on changing the conversation, exploring innovation in mentally healthy work, charting the way forward.

Join us.

John Fitzgerald PhDManager – Mentally Healthy Work, WorkSafeNZConference Convenor(on behalf of the conference committee)