HASANZ is working in partnership with the Occupational Hygienists Society to build the number of capable, competent, and qualified occupational hygienists in New Zealand.

Occupational hygienists are the scientists of health and safety – they play a significant role in preventing and reducing disease and injury in New Zealand.Their work is extremely varied and can range from observing how organisations are using chemical agents such as gases or dust; to determining whether the controls in place to prevent ill health are effective to protect people at work and the surrounding communities. 

Occupational hygiene is a multi-disciplinary science which means it draws on aspects of toxicology, chemistry, physics, physiology, maths, and engineering as well as many more. 

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Why we need an Occupational Hygienist Initiative

New Zealand needs more occupational hygienists over the coming years to ensure their important work of protecting New Zealanders at their workplaces continues.

An important component of this initiative is to deliver an attraction strategy to raise awareness of occupational hygiene as a profession and promote it as a career path.

We want to engage with a greater number of science graduates who are often unaware of a potential career in occupational hygiene, alongside current health and safety professionals who wish to broaden their expertise.

There are currently limited post graduate opportunities for occupational hygienists in New Zealand. We are working on opportunities to develop post graduate opportunities in Occupational Hygiene.

All in a day’s work.

Watch the following video to find out what Occupational Hygienists have to say about what they do

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