The Government’s recent announcement about Covid-19 alert levels means that HASANZ CONFERENCE 2021 can’t proceed on 8 and 9 November. The Conference Committee is planning to move our conference to March 2022. It will still be held in Wellington. We hope to confirm new dates by the end of October.

"He aha te kai o te rangatira? He kōrero, he kōrero."

"What is the food of the leader? It is communication. It is knowledge."

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Meeting face to face is one of the pleasures of life. We're really looking forward to bringing New Zealand's workplace health and safety community together again at HASANZ CONFERENCE 2021. Reconnect with key players across all disciplines, business leaders and policy makers. It's an opportunity for networking, sharing know how and growing how to. There will be plenty of leadership food - knowledge you can take away and apply to make New Zealand’s workplaces healthier and safer. Building professional capability is the number one objective.

HASANZ CONFERENCE 2021 is the flagship conference for workplace health and safety professionals in New Zealand, organised by the industry for the industry. It also has wide appeal to every business with an interest in health and safety and attracts sector influencers, educators, regulators and decision makers.

As always, it’s a conference with substance. We’ve designed a quality programme with a blend of heavy hitting international and local keynote speakers on relevant health and safety topics and the latest trends. Our search for the best every second year keeps the content fresh.

HASANZ CONFERENCE 2021 offers you choice. Instead of one programme stream, we are repeating our popular format of keynote addresses plus a range of concurrent sessions. People tell us they wish they could go to all of them!

Take time out to put the time in to share know how and grow how to at HASANZ CONFERENCE 2021. Get ready for some serious learning and serious fun!

Mike O'Brien
HASANZ Independent Chair