Dr Vincent Covello (USA) – risk and change management communication

Vincent Covello will look at managing change in the new workplace health and safety environment through a communication lens. He will explore how effectively managed risk and change management communication can help transform yourself (you) your organisation (your work) and culture (your world).

Dr Covello has more than 35 years of experience advising organisations on handling communications in a wide range of change and crisis situations around the world, ranging from industrial accidents to pandemics, including Ebola and the recent Zika virus outbreak.

Professor Drew Dawson (Australia) – fatigue risk management

What are the best ways to manage workplace fatigue? That’s the question Drew Dawson will tackle, exploring where the line should be drawn between personal and corporate responsibilities…what is the employee responsible for and what is the employer responsible for?

Professor Dawson has assisted many New Zealand companies with fatigue risk management and he’ll discuss this issue in the context of our new regulatory environment. He will outline some basic approaches for developing fatigue risk management systems and talk about how they have evolved. He’ll share a proven fatigue risk management framework that’s used internationally to transform workplace practice.

Peter Biggs (New Zealand) – buying the why – rebranding health and safety for a new world

To be part of transforming an organisation you have to put health and safety at the heart. And to do that, you have to get people to “buy the why". Thought shaper and Assignment Group CEO Peter Biggs firmly believes this is the key to rebranding health and safety for a new world. Following insights to Assignment's compelling Home Time advertising campaign for WorkSafe New Zealand, Peter will talk about the essential place of purpose in organisational cultures and transformational change. He'll also pose a series of challenges to step up as leaders of this change.

This is your opportunity to hear from one of Australasia's leading marketing and communications practitioners. Before joining Assignment Group, Peter was CEO of Clemenger BBDO Melbourne – named one of the top five advertising agencies in the world (The GUNN Report 2014).

Gordon MacDonald (New Zealand) – culture will create compliance

As Chief Executive of WorkSafe New Zealand, Gordon MacDonald has led the workplace health and safety regulator through the implementation of the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA). The Act was part of the Government’s response to the recommendations of the Pike River Mine Royal Commission and the Independent Taskforce on Workplace Health and Safety. These reports promoted the view that New Zealand needs an environment in which the culture in our workplaces becomes one where doing it right is second nature and part of doing business, rather than a compliance exercise.

Six months into the HSWA, and five years on from Pike River, Gordon will discuss progress on the compliance to culture continuum, and the critical importance of professional advisors‘ work in supporting businesses and their teams to build the culture that will make a measurable difference to health and safety in our workplaces.

Rebecca Macfie (New Zealand) – from coalface to Boardroom – how Pike River illuminated system failure, and the lessons learned

Award-winning Listener journalist, Rebecca Macfie is the author of the definitive book on the Pike River mining disaster Tragedy at Pike River Mine: How and Why 29 Men Died. Hear first-hand how this catastrophic event illuminated system failure and discuss what we can do to help prevent such a disaster from happening again in New Zealand.

The Pike River disaster has already led to a rewrite of New Zealand's health and safety law, but health and safety professionals have a duty to understand the deep financial and behavioural underpinnings of the tragedy. The death of 29 workers in a single catastrophe is an extraordinary event, but many of the contributory factors are present in other companies. As a poorly governed and financially stressed company with poor worker engagement, Pike is best viewed not as an extraordinary failure but as an ordinary one. Rebecca will explore how lessons from Pike River are relevant to every organisation and to every health and safety professional.

David Tregoweth (Australia) – building leadership capability in health and safety professionals

David Tregoweth will draw on his experience in senior health and safety management roles in Australian and New Zealand corporations to challenge the status quo. To take their place as leaders at the top table, he'll argue that workplace health and safety professionals need to go beyond the law and focus on the commercial value of health and safety to businesses, not just regulatory compliance. It's less about the rule book and more about business savvy.

David is basing his address on hard-earned feedback on his performance in health and safety management at Air New Zealand and Australian logistics company Brambles. He is currently General Manager Health and Safety at Melbourne Water.