Dr Vincent Covello (USA)

Dr Vincent Covello is a world authority on risk and crisis communication. Dr Covello is the founder and director of the Centre for Risk Communication in New York City.

He has worked as a researcher, teacher and consultant in this specialist field, advising over 500 government agencies on high-concern risk and crisis situations, including the recent Zika virus outbreak in South America.

Dr Covello has been a professor at Brown University and Columbia University's School of Public Health. He has also been a Study Director at the National Academy of Sciences, a senior scientist at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, and a Program Director at the National Science Foundation.

Dr Covello has published over 150 scientific, peer-reviewed articles and 25 books on risk and crisis communication. Among his most recent books are: “Effective Risk Communication in Public Health Emergencies: A World Health Organization Handbook;" “Top Questions about Ebola: Simple Answers;" and “Top Questions about Zika: Simple Answers."

Dr Covello received his bachelors and MA degrees with honours from Cambridge University in England and his doctorate from Columbia University. He holds degrees in epidemiology, sociology, and psychology.