Rick Eisenhart

Rick Eisenhart’s decision to move to New Zealand in 2000 with his Kiwi wife probably saved his life.  As a firefighter in New York City he says he would most likely have been called to the 9/11 terrorist attack. “If I had still been in NYC, there’s a 98.97% chance I would have been in one of the towers.”

Fast forward to today, Rick is still a first responder to emergency situations as a fire fighter with the Governor’s Bay Volunteer Fire Brigade and specialises in assisting people to recognise and manage stress. He has over 40 years of experience responding to emergencies as a firefighter in New Zealand and overseas. Rick brings his wealth of frontline experience to his day job as a trainer with Gallagher Bassett. His focus is on fostering psychological wellbeing and sharing lessons he has learned from working with people in emergency situations. 

Before joining Gallagher Bassett in 2017, Rick spent 16 years with the New Zealand Red Cross in its education division and was involved with training and certifying instructors. During this time he spent 13 years internationally delivering “Train the Trainer” and “First Aid Situations in Violence” courses. He believes humour is a powerful tool as we learn so much better when having fun.