ACC Work Injury Prevention Subsidies

In collaboration with ACC, we've designed a series of subsidies to help small and medium-sized businesses access specialist health and safety (H&S) advice from HASANZ-registered professionals. We see this as another Government incentive which will continue to direct people and promote the Register. If you are a HASANZ Registered professional, we encourage you to promote the subsidy, spread it as widely as you can with your network

These subsidies are currently available for businesses in the manufacturing and residential construction sectors. Please find information for health and safety advisors, and for businesses below.


Launched 10 July 2020, the subsidy can benefit small to medium sized businesses with between 6 – 99 employees. It can help pay for an H&S action plan or improvement activity, which must be in the areas of working in and around vehicles, including moving plant, and/or falls from heights.

Businesses eligible must be in the residential construction sector, including the following sub-sectors:

  • residential building construction
  • land development and site preparation
  • building structure services
  • building installation services
  • building completion services
  • other construction services

Please visit the ACC website for more information, or see our resources displayed to the right.


Specifically, this subsidy aims to improve workplace H&S performance in the manufacturing sector. Small to medium-sized businesses (6-99 employees) often need extra resources to improve their H&S systems and/or practices. That’s even more important in the case of the manufacturing sector.

The workplace injury prevention subsidy for H&S advisory services can help pay for an H&S action plan or improvement activity, undertaken or signed off by a HASANZ-registered advisor. The action plan or improvement activity must be in the areas of leadership, worker engagement, and/or risk management. This subsidy has been available from 30 September 2019. 

Please see the ACC website for more information, including how to redeem the subsidy offer. If you are a health and safety professional, please see the resources to the right.