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Demonstrate your competence to practise as a qualified health and safety adviser in New Zealand.

Join the Register

The HASANZ Register is the place to demonstrate your competence to practise as a qualified health and safety adviser in New Zealand.

Independent consultants and in-house professionals - generalists and specialists - who meet the required registration standard of an association that is a full member of HASANZ can list on the Register.

In-house employees providing health and safety advice are eligible to join if they meet the registration standard.

As part of the online application process, every applicant's credentials are checked by the relevant HASANZ member association.

Complete your HASANZ Register application here.

Application process

  • You can only join the HASANZ Register if:

    Please contact your member association and check you meet their registration standard before applying to list on the HASANZ Register.

  • When you complete your application, you will be asked to provide evidence of your qualifications and experience that are relevant to the various categories under which you wish to list.

    Your member association will use this evidence to verify that you meet the competency requirements for the HASANZ Register. Any uploaded evidence documents you provide are held in a secure area of the system and are not able to be accessed by the public.

    Check the specific evidence requirements for your member association before starting the online application process.

  • Complete the online application form and once you have completed the online application form, click "submit" to send your application for approval.

  • Your application will be assessed to ensure that you meet the required standards of your association to list on the HASANZ Register.

  • Once your profile has been approved by both your member association and HASANZ, it will be published on the live HASANZ Register system. This means that your profile can be viewed by HASANZ Register users.

  • Once your profile has been published HASANZ will send your HASANZ-Registered certificate which is valid for 12 months. You will also receive the "HASANZ-Registered" quality mark and associated brand collateral via email.

  • You can make changes to your profile at any time once your profile is live - simply login to the HASANZ Register and select Edit my profile. Changes to your contact details will be published immediately. Currently we are not accepting any changes to your competencies as we are in the process of changing how the HASANZ Register works.

  • Your registration is valid for one year and will expire 12 months after the date that your profile is first published on the HASANZ Register.  With changes that we are making to the way HASANZ Register works this may also change.  We will have these changes in place before your profile expires.

Application guide

Guidance in registration applications and standards.

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