New Hazardous Substances Professional Training Pathway

E-Learning Specialist Modules in Hazardous Substances
Hazardous substance professionals are critical to the safety of New Zealanders and the protection of our environment. Joining the hazardous substances profession means you will have an exciting and rewarding career.

Three e-learning specialist modules are now available as new learning pathways for people who are interested in knowing more about hazardous substances. We need to build the number of capable, competent and qualified compliance certifiers to ensure that there is a sustainable workforce of compliance certifiers into the future.

The e-learning specialist modules provide a unique opportunity to develop further knowledge and understanding of commonly occurring hazardous substances used throughout the industry.

In partnership with Skills Consulting Group we offer three e-learning specialist modules which are deeper dives into specific classes:

  • Classes 2 and 3 - Flammable gases and liquids
  • Class 5 - Oxidising substances
  • Classes 6 and 8 - Toxic and corrosive substances

Go at your own pace - you can start an e-learning specialist module at any time.  The cost of each module is $450.00 +GST.

Who are the specialist modules most suited to?

The specialist modules are most suited to people who wish to develop their hazardous substance knowledge as part of their professional development. They are also suitable for people who wish to become a compliance certifier or to expand their certifier scope.

There are NO prerequisites required for the specialist modules, but it is recommended that before signing up and diving in, that you have some current industry experience or have completed one or both hazardous substances foundation courses delivered by Massey University.

251.272 - Occupational Health and Safety 2 is a course with a hazardous substance focus. It is delivered in Semester 2 each year.

250.318 - Special Topic - Hazardous Substances Compliance Certifier is a course that incorporates specific elements relating to hazardous substances such as specific industry knowledge, the role of the compliance certifier, regulations, audit and the onsite inspection. It is delivered in Semester 1 each year. 

Please contact Assoc Prof Ian Laird for further information.

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