HASANZ Full Member Organisations

Faculty of Asbestos Management of Australia & New Zealand Limited (FAMANZ)

FAMANZ is a professional body representing all people working in the asbestos industry across Australia and New Zealand.  Our aim is for all professionals in asbestos industry to work together to achieve better health outcomes for workers and the general public.


Hazardous Substances Professionals New Zealand (HSPNZ)

HSPNZ Does not list on the HASANZ Register.

We are an association of Compliance Certifiers who work side by side with organisations to provide qualified advice, training and certification on the safe importation, manufacture, transportation, storage, use and disposal of hazardous substances in New Zealand.


Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of New Zealand (HFESNZ)

We are human-centred design professionals who help businesses achieve the best possible fit between the things people do, the things they use and the environments they work in. Ergonomists or human factors professionals make processes and products compatible with human abilities and limitations to minimise harm and improve productivity.

Hamish Mackie

New Zealand Institute of Safety Management (NZISM)

We are the largest membership body for Health and Safety Practitioners and Professionals in New Zealand. Our members are the first point of contact in your health and safety journey. We provide a wide range of technical and practical advice and assistance in the development, design and implementation of workplace health and safety management systems to reduce the risks to your business and all those affected by your operations.

Robyn Bennett

NZ Occupational Health Nurses Association (NZOHNA)

We are nurses who specialise in providing health, safety and wellbeing programmes and services for workplaces. Preventing workplace injury and prevention is important to us. We educate people on safe working practices and help them take better care of themselves.

Nikki Edge

NZ Occupational Hygiene Society (NZOHS)

We specialise in the measurement and assessment of exposure and controls for workplace health hazards including noise, heat stress and hazardous substances. We provide practical advice and options to business owners to understand these risks and address them.

Miriska Gerber

New Zealand Safety Council (NZSC)

We offer advice and information to businesses on general health and safety matters through a network of Registered Safety Professionals. Our services include auditing workplaces on all aspects of safety. We identify what precautions need to be put in place to reduce industrial injuries and accidents and refer you to the experts you need to address any issues we find.

Jodi Wright

Occupational Therapy New Zealand Whakaora Ngangahau Aotearoa (OTNZ - WNA)

We use our knowledge of health, universal design, task analysis and human behaviour to help businesses create healthy workplaces that meet WorkSafe NZ standards and ensure that staff work safely. We also assist with people's safe return to work after injury, illness or disability.

Pam Mitchell

Physiotherapy New Zealand (Occupational Health Group)

We strive to make a healthier workforce through the delivery of high quality, evidence-based occupational health services. We assist businesses with everything from assessing capability to manage the physical demands of a job to rehabilitation of injured employees. We are committed to meeting the current and future health needs of New Zealanders in the workplace.

Rachel Lilley

The Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM) of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP)

AFOEM doctors specialize in medicine related to the effects of work on health, and health on work. Preventing and assessing illnesses and risk from a range of work place exposures physical and psycho social hazards. Treating and rehabilitating people to return to work.


Institute of Organisational Psychology

Organisational psychologists are experts in human behaviour in the workplace, having extensively studied the brain, performance, learning, group behaviour, and the processes determining how people think, feel, behave and react, and the impact of these on organisational outcomes.

John Eatwell - Chair

HASANZ Associate members

Australian/New Zealand Society of Occupational Medicine (ANZSOM)

We are doctors who specialise in diagnosing and treating health problems arising in the workplace. Other aspects of occupational medicine include providing advice on the prevention of injuries and disease, and assessing people's fitness for work and facilitating their return to work after injury or sickness.

Maartje Lyons

Maintenance Engineering Society of New Zealand (MESNZ)

We are a non-profit society charged with informing, inspiring and representing maintenance engineers throughout industry. We can help your business by reducing your costs and increasing plant availability while protecting your property, people and processes.


NZ Institute of Hazardous Substances Management (NZIHSM)

We protect people and communities from the adverse effects of hazardous substances. This includes providing businesses with advice on the safe storage and use of hazardous substances in an environmentally acceptable way that meets legal requirements, and can provide professionals that can certify sites and staff to achieve this.

NZIHSM Secretary

Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRNZ)

The Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRNZ) is the professional body for human resources professionals. HRNZ is a not-for-profit membership organisation providing services and support for people who work in HR in New Zealand.