GM Safety Forum

The GM Safety Forum is a voluntary network for people in executive level roles who have responsibility for safety and wellbeing. It is supported by HASANZ.

How will it help?

While professional organisations already exist for technical health and safety professionals, previously there was no group to support executives whose responsibilities include wellbeing and safety, but who may or may not have a health and safety background. The GM Safety Forum fills this gap.

Who is it for?

The GM Safety Forum is for people who sit at tier two of their organisation (tier three for very large organisations) and have the ability to mentor the CEO and/or directors on safety and wellbeing. Some members have technical health and safety backgrounds. Others come from other backgrounds such as people and culture, engineering, and law.

What does it do?

Key activities include:

Learning: Developing the skills and knowledge of individual members, encouraging mentoring among members, and providing thought leadership on shared challenges and opportunities.

Collaboration: Encouraging collaboration on specific initiatives, offering networking and information-sharing opportunities, and improving the capability of people working at all levels in health and safety.

Influence: Helping to set industry standards, providing collective input into the development of government and sector group policies, and where possible supporting HASANZ initiatives to lift professional standards.

What are the benefits?

The GM Safety Forum will help members grow their own capacity and leadership. It is also an opportunity for members to collaborate to improve New Zealand’s health and safety system and performance.

To inquire about joining email GM Safety Forum

Presentation by Pam Pryor on the Book of Knowledge

At the 17 March workshop Pam gave a presentation on the Book of Knowledge (BoK). The Bok for all OHS professionals, OHS educators, OHS students and anybody interested in OHS knowledge.

Freely available at

The key concepts that an OHS professional should be able to engage with to understand and control work-related fatality, injury, disease and ill-health (FIDI)The BoK covers a wider range of topics including risk management, Organisational culture, controls, hazardsA  number of organisations in NZ are using it.