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NZOHNA Workforce Development Project

Workers and businesses across New Zealand are benefitting from employing the services of occupational health nurses.

The NZOHNA workforce development project aims to raise the profile of Occupational Health in NZ as it has been identified that Occupational Health will be in short supply across NZ. In this 3min video Meghan talks about her career in Occupational health as an employee in business. NZOHNA will be filming a number of nurses in different locations around NZ provide insights not only for nurses wanting to join the career of Occupational Health, but support business to see the value add a Qualified Occupational Health Nurse can bring to business. 

Ballance OHN Case Study

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For over 50 years this specialist profession has been working in large industries ranging from forestry and dairy, through to manufacturing and large service providers.  
They work alongside employees and companies, helping to improve and maintain the wellness and resilience of their workforce.  
This is proving successful with the expertise they provide creating a positive health and work culture by minimising risks to employees and seeming the establishment of good effective preventative, treatment and rehabilitation practices.  
This has resulted in workers taking less sick days, having less injuries and better staff retention. Therefore, better for the businesses. 
Occupational health nurses (OHN) are New Zealand registered nurses who have qualifications and specialise in providing occupational health, safety and wellbeing programmes and services for workplaces. Almost all OHN’s have a degree as their base qualification and many have Post Graduate Diplomas or Masters in their chosen field within occupational health and/or safety.